Langrug Lodge

“Langrug is not a place where one stays, but rather the heart of a person that you step in to. From the time that we arrived it just got better and better. Many people speak about the personal touches, and truly they are in abundance in every corner of the cottage, making one feel that you are always at the receiving end of a most generous and open heart. From the time we stepped in we felt like royalty. Just when you think that Jenny has thought of everything and are in awe, out pops another surprise and piece of her heart that is shared with the guests. Langrug is not just a cottage on a lake with fishing, walking, peace and quiet, it is an experience of sharing in someone’s passion. Jenny has managed to infuse an emotion into every wall, nook, cranny, bed, chair, lamp, candle etc. that is part of the set up. Although we never met you, we felt like we knew a part of you. We also felt like nothing was too much effort for you and what you did came from the heart. Thank you, our faith in humanity has been restored. There is absolutely no doubt that I will be back in the not too distant future.”

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